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 Be a Green Olympian: Travel Green in China

China is working hard to make the 2008 Olympics Green, but increased tourism poses a challenge to making this goal a reality. We will tell you exactly how you can reduce your impact and make green choices as you travel in China.
Your Guide to Green Travel:
Your Carbon Footprint: Calculate Your Emission and Offset
Treat Yourself, Not the Traffickers
    Guide to Green Dining and Shopping

Every Day Travel Tips: Small Steps for a Green Leap
Take the Green Travel Pledge!

Explore China's Natural Wonders.....   Making The Big Jing Easy
China is home to some of the world's most precious biodiversity hotspots. From mountainous terrain to wetlands and meadows, China is a wonderland that provides critical habitat for pandas, golden monkeys, and other endangered species.

Find out more…

China's Hot Spots
Lu Zhi and the Giant Panda:
  A story of hope for China's wildlife

Green Map to Tibet
An Olympic Highlight:
   China's Unique Wildlife…
   Learn the real story behind
   the 2008 Olympic mascots!

Don't speak much Chinese but want to have fun while being green in Beijing?
Print the Big Jing Easy guides and you'll be a green aficionado in no time.

Going Green in the Big Jing
 Living Green in China
If you live in Beijing, then you know that China's cities consume massive amounts of energy and water. Not only does this contribute to the air you breathe each day but it also plays a major role in global warming.

Do you want to be part of the sustainability solution? It's easy:
Green Consumer Guide
Green Choice

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